Chinese FM Wang aims above regional rows

By Zhou Wa (China Daily)

16:29, August 05, 2013

The new leadership is taking positive action to ensure that ties between China and ASEAN countries are not hampered by territorial issues, analysts said on Sunday.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in Vietnam late on Saturday for the last leg of an official visit to countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, his third such visit since he took office in March.

"It shows that China is attaching more importance to ties with the Southeast Asian nations," said Jia Xiudong, a senior researcher on international affairs at the China Institute of International Studies.

Wang is demonstrating that China will not let territorial issues with several ASEAN members hinder overall relations and cooperation between China and ASEAN, Jia said.

China is trying to identify points of agreement on the interests of both China and Southeast Asian countries, he added.

"Wang's visit sends a signal that China is taking every effort to resolve the South China Sea issue, so that the issue will not harm the general peace and stability in the region," said Jin Canrong, a professor of international affairs with the Renmin University of China.

Before arriving in Vietnam, Wang also visited Malaysia, Thailand and Laos, reviewing the achievements in bilateral ties with each country and paving the way for deeper cooperation in the future.

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