Book on new Chinese leadership launched in Nepal


15:49, August 06, 2013

KATHMANDU, Aug. 5 -- The China Study Center launched a book entitled"China's New Leadership: The Fifth Generation", amidst an interaction program in Kathmandu on Monday.

The book contains 25 articles, including 18 in English language and seven in Nepali language, written by Nepali experts on the new leadership of China headed by President Xi Jinping.

According to President of the China Study Center, Madan Regmi, all the articles in the book talk about the challenges that lie ahead of Xi and his team to make China a more prosperous nation and the hardships that China went through in the process of becoming the world's second largest economy.

Regmi said that the reason behind publishing the book was to give Nepali people a comprehensive knowledge about the new leadership in China. "This is an event that takes place once in ten years and being a close neighbor of China it is our duty to keep the Nepali people informed about the changes that are taking place in China,"said Regmi.

Regmi added that the book would be of great importance especially to Nepali students looking to go to China for further studies or to those pursuing their higher education in China because it would keep them updated about the country.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Wu Chuntai, who was among the various speakers at the program, said that new leadership of China, which is now serving its sixth month in office, has already showed its courage, knowledge and sincerity to develop the nation. "The new leadership has been in office for the past six months and they will be there for another 10 years. China will be more prosperous, stronger and civilized,"said Chuntai, adding that he was one of the first people to read the book and it would be of great value to those people looking to learn more about China.

Other speakers at the program praised the rapid progress made by China in the last two decades and stressed the importance to learn the traits from them. "If you compare Nepal and China some 50-60 years ago, Nepal actually had a better per capital income than China, but look at what they have achieved now. Chinese leadership is a role model not only for Nepal but the entire world," said Dr Samundra K.C., one of the speakers at the program.

Established in 2001, The China Study Centre's objective is to study and research historical, geographical, religious, cultural, political and economic relations of China and thereby to disseminate them in a coherent, timely and orderly fashion.

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