Chinese premier meets Tanzanian prime minister


14:07, October 18, 2013

BEIJING, Oct. 17 -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Tanzanian Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda agreed here on Thursday to strengthen the comprehensive cooperative partnership between the two countries.

Noting that next year China and Tanzania will mark the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties, Li said China is willing to work out strategic plans with Tanzania and promote cooperation on major projects.

China will continue to provide assistance for Tanzania within its capacity and hopes the East African country will offer support to Chinese enterprises, Li said.

Speaking about China-Africa relations, Li said promoting the two sides' friendly cooperation is an important aspect of China's foreign policy. China is willing to work with African countries to create a peaceful and stable environment for development.

Pinda said the Tanzania-China friendship enjoys a solid foundation.

He expressed admiration for China's development and hoped to learn from China.

He also said Tanzania wants to increase mutually beneficial cooperation and strengthen coordination on international affairs with China to cement the two counties' friendly relations.

He thanked China for its support for peace and development in Africa and said Tanzania is ready to cooperate with China under the framework of the Africa-China Cooperation Forum.

After the meeting, they witnessed the signing of cooperation documents between the two countries in various fields, including diplomacy, economy, technology, tourism and agriculture.

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