China slams McCain's remarks on Diaoyu Islands


16:36, August 23, 2013

BEIJING, Aug. 22 -- The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged a "relevant U.S. lawmaker" to stop making irresponsible remarks on the Diaoyu Islands.

The response follows comments by U.S. Senator John McCain on Wednesday, in which he claimed that the China is violating Japan's fundamental right to the islands.

The ministry's spokesman, Hong Lei, said in a press release that "relevant U.S. lawmakers" should avoid making regional situations more complicated.

According to a Kyodo report, McCain described the Diaoyu islands as "Japanese territory" at a news conference in Tokyo and said that nations feeling increasingly threatened by China's maritime presence "need to act in closer coordination with each other."

It is futile for anyone to deny the fact that the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, Hong said.

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