Latest US-China talks should smooth the way

By Zhang Zhixin (China Daily)

11:31, July 29, 2013

The SE&D produced practical results that will help China and the US deal with some difficult issues on a variety of strategic fronts

Earlier this month, China and the United States successfully finished their fifth round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the third round of the Strategic Security Dialogue. This round of talks was of great importance because both countries have just had changes of leadership and the bilateral relationship is encountering some difficulties such as cyber security and economic competition.

However, with the maturing of bilateral communication, people in both countries can be cautiously optimistic about the future of Sino-US relations.

Several results from the dialogues deserve to be highlighted.

First, the cyber security working group, which included top officials from both sides, met for the first time before the dialogue convened. Cyber security has been a headache for both countries for nearly a decade. The US has been complaining about Chinese hacking of US government and corporate networks. It has blamed China for stealing technological information for economic benefit without credible evidence. China itself has been suffering huge economic losses from cyber attacks and hacking and is unwilling to take the blame for the attacks on the US.

What makes the issue more complicated is that former US National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden revealed that the US hacked into the backbone servers at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Hong Kong University. Obviously, China is demanding an explanation for these activities. However, this institutionalized dialogue will ease friction and mitigate a possible flashpoint, which otherwise could have led to a larger crisis.

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