Party School paper calls for defined reform targets


15:47, August 06, 2013

Study Times, a newspaper under the Party School of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, called for the Party to define its targets of reform in the political structure.

The Party should not only be brave enough to carry out reform of political structures but also be adept in leading the reform, the newspaper said. The Party should make a priority of enhancing the “top design” of the political reform, the paper added.

While having a clear target, the Party should also break down the target into manageable annual steps, making it clear which problems should be solved in the political reform in the annual economic and social development planning.

The newspaper also suggest the reform of political structures be broken down into three parts.

For the first step, the Party should spend some about three years to solve the obvious conflicts that affect and restrict economic and social development.

For the second step, the Party should devote another three years to making achievements in improving the system of socialist democracy and the Party's style of leadership and governance.

For the third step, the Party should prove with facts that higher-level democracy can be built up in a socialist society.

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