China's largest salvage vessel visits Indonesia


08:42, July 15, 2013

Patrol vessel Haixun 01 is berthed at a port in Shanghai, East China, April 15, 2013. (Photo/Xinhua)

JAKARTA - China's patrol and search-and- rescue vessel Haixun 01 arrived at Jakarta on Sunday, commencing its goodwill visit to Indonesia for the next four days.

While China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA)'s largest and most advanced vessel slowly entered the port of Tanjung Priok, Indonesia's largest sea port, it was warmly welcomed by Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Liu Jianchao and Indonesian Director- General for the Sea Transportation Bobby Mamahit, in addition to hundreds from local Chinese communities.

Bobby welcomed the ship's arrival, saying that the visit will arouse exchanges of maritime knowledge and expertise between the maritime authorities of the two countries and further enhance maritime cooperation.

During the visit, the Chinese delegation on board Haixun 01 will visit Indonesia' Ministry of Transportation to exchange views with Indonesian counterparts and conduct joint exercises of maritime search-and-rescue.

Liu Jianchao said at the welcome ceremony that maritime cooperation is a major part of the bilateral strategic partnership between China and Indonesia.

"I hope the two sides could take this opportunity to further promote the bilateral maritime cooperation, enrich China-Indonesia strategic partnership and set a good example for boosting China- ASEAN maritime cooperation," Liu said.

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