Backgrounder: China's achievements under leadership of CPC in past 10 years


14:52, April 17, 2013

China, under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, has made a series of social and economic achievements during the past 10 years.

The CPC Central leadership, with Hu Jintao as the general secretary, has faced opportunities and challenges as well complicated circumstances both at home and abroad.

The past 10 years was a decade that was featured with ideological emancipation, reforms and opening-up, and continuously striving for the overall building of a prosperous society. In the period, China has entered a new stage in its socialist modernization and Chinese society has witnessed new, profound historic changes.

When Hu took over as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee 10 years ago, at the 16th Party Congress, the new leadership made the country's development as its primary job. It focused on how to deal with problems like uncoordinated economic and social development, the growing pressure of resources and environment, as well as the growing income gap, the accumulation of contradictions, environmental pollution, and resources.

In the period, China has achieved coordinated development between urban and rural areas, in economic and social fields, between humans and the nature, between domestic development and opening-up to the outside world. The country has made simultaneous progress in economic, political, cultural, social and bioenvironmental areas.

The Party leadership has taken Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Important Thought of Three Represents and scientific concept of development as its guiding ideology.

Over the past 10 years, China has achieved average yearly economic growth of 10.7 percent, far above the world's 3.9 percent in the same period. The country has taken second place in the world's GDP rally, with an average per-capita annual GDP of 5,432 U.S dollars, up from 1,135 U.S. dollars in 2002.

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