Full text of Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli's address at opening dinner of 2013 Fortune Global Forum (4)


14:01, June 07, 2013

Fifth, we will give high priority to ensuring the people's well-being and improving their material and cultural lives. Ensuring and improving people's well-being is the fundamental purpose of China's development. We will do our very best to improve people's livelihood through development, make every effort to increase household income, deepen reform of income distribution system, readjust the relationship of income distribution and gradually achieve common prosperity. We will implement the strategy of giving top priority to employment, encourage the practice of creating employment through multiple channels and forms, and ensure employment stability. We will strive to create equal access to basic public services in areas such as education, healthcare, social security and housing. We will administer justice impartially and increase the transparency of judicial operation; promote the equity of rights, opportunities and rules; narrow the gap between rich and poor, urban and rural, and reduce regional disparities, so as to turn the people's aspirations for a better life into reality and achieve a virtuous circle of economic growth and the improvement of people's well-being.

Sixth, we will deepen reform and opening-up across the board and never cease to reform or open up. Practices show that reform and opening-up are the essential driving force behind China's development today. Had it not been for the reform and opening-up policy, the Chinese nation would never have been where it is today. Only by sticking to reform and opening-up can China have a bright future. We will integrate top-level design for reform with individual and community-level initiatives, underscore key areas and links as well as major issues, encourage breakthroughs in necessary areas while ensuring an overall gradual approach, forcefully pursue reform in a top-down manner, and make sure that every minor victory adds to our final triumph. We will form a unified market system, create a set of fair, equal and open market rules and an environment for all types of companies of different ownership structures to compete fairly. Reform of the administrative systems, fiscal and taxation, finance, investment, state-owned enterprises and pricing mechanisms will be deepened so that the systems of each area can be more mature and well-established. You may have noticed that a new round of reform measures has been unleashed in China. In less than three months since taking office, the new government of China has canceled or delegated to lower levels 133 items concerning business operation that needed central administrative approval. We will continue to do so and give more power to the market, society and enterprises. We will leverage to a greater extent and in a wider scope the basic role of the market in allocating resources.

China is committed to further opening up across the board. The Chinese nation, more open-minded and with a broader vision, will vigorously absorb and learn from other civilizations. China will embrace a more active strategy to open up its market and try to build an open economic structure that is mutually beneficial, diversified yet balanced, safe and highly efficient. To achieve balanced foreign trade growth, we will attach equal importance to imports and exports and make sure that we expand imports while optimizing exports. We are firmly opposed to protectionism of all forms, and stand for liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment.

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