CPC is thriving (2)

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16:28, July 09, 2013

The structure has been steadily optimized, and there have been further improvements in quality.

The education management service system for party members has been gradually improved, with a corresponding enhancement of the vigor of the party’s grass-roots membership. It is of vital importance that the education training plan for party members be carried out meticulously - 1.5 million secretaries from the rural party organization have followed year-round training courses, while 4.4 million new party members, 397,000 college students, and 15.2 million village officials have participated in entrepreneurial skills training for new jobs. In order to strengthen the management process for educating floating party members, 11,000 mobile party members within the party organization and 456,000 party member service centers (station) have been set up during the course of the year.

A process of continuous innovation in grass-roots party organizations has been spread, and its coverage expanded. The number of party organizations in non-state enterprises subject to the provisions of the party organization regulation increased by 18.8 percent over the previous year. For social organizations, private non-enterprise units with party organizations condition, the rate of party organizations coverage is respectively 1.8 percent, 0.3 percent of increase comparing to the previous year .

The responsibility of Grassroots party organizations and party members as pioneers and role models is given full play. To strengthen the pioneering influence of window units and service industries, party organizations and party members at all levels formed 21 million partnerships, and completed 49.6 million individual practical tasks on behalf of the people. The rapid response and the selfless dedication of the party and its members to challenges such as earthquake relief and similar major tasks show to the full the excellent character of the CPC and the spirit of the times.

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