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UPDATED:25.10.2007 10:28

"Scientific Outlook on Development"
• Communist leadership urge local bureaucrats to implement scientific development
• Scientific development inscribed in CPC Constitution
• CPC delegates vow to carry out Scientific Outlook on Development
• Hu: Scientific Outlook on Development part of theories of socialism with
Chinese characteristics

• Put into effect scientific viewpoint of development in an all-round way
"Put People First"
• Chinese president stresses safe production and "putting people first"
• People-oriented concept can help realize right to development: experts
• Premier Wen pledges: "Put people first"
"Three Represents"
• Vice President Hu Advocates "Three Represents" Theory
• "Three Represents" Campaign Succeeds in Countryside
• Li Lanqing Hails "Three Represents"
• Jiang Calls on CPC to Implement "Three Represents" in All-round Way
• To Include "Three Represents" in CPC Constitution Reflects Common Aspiration
• PLA to Implement Three Represents Thought in All-round Way: Army Delegates
• Use Three Represents to Aommand Arts & Literature: Li Changchun
• Use Three Represents to Aommand Arts & Literature: Li Changchun
• CPC to Launch New Round of Study of "Three Represents" Theory
• Party Members Urged to Start New Upsurge of Studying Three Represents Thought
"Harmonious Society"
• "Scientific concept of development" important to building harmonious society
• President Hu calls for inclusive, harmonious society in Macao
• China strives for harmonious society, central economic conference
• Senior Party official highlights role of culture in "harmonious society"
• Chinese Premier reiterates longing for "harmony" in work report
• Building harmonious society important task for CPC: President Hu
• NPC deputy proposes inking "harmonious society" in Constitution
• China honors organizations, individuals promoting ethnic harmony
• Top political consultants to discuss issue of harmonious society
• Top advisors to discuss on building a socialist harmonious society
Top Leadership  

Hu Jintao

Wu Bangguo

Wen Jiabao

Jia Qinglin

Li Changchun

Xi Jinping

Li Keqiang

He Guoqiang

Zhou Yongkang
Mao's 110th Anniversary  
• Mao's Life
• Comments and Historical Resolution
• Mao and the CPC's International Relations
• Memorial Activities

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