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08:48, October 30, 2009

Key participants in Scientific Outlook on Development
A notice on bringing the role of college graduate village (and community) cadres into full play during the third batch of activities related to thoroughly studying and practicing the scientific outlook on development was published recently by the Shanxi provincial government. The notice requires college graduate "village officials" to bring into full play their role of helping, guiding and passing on experiences to rural Party members and cadres. The college graduate "village officials" are also required to guide rural Party members and cadres while studying theories, and organize various activities to play an important role in promoting the capacities of rural cadres and steadily advance rural study and practice activities.

The Shanxi provincial government requires college graduate "village officials" to begin studying earlier and to a more in-depth level than rural Party members and cadres in study and practice activities, so as to become the backbone and experts in these activities. College graduate "village officials" should closely combine their thoughts and practical work, and look for and correct deficiencies based on the requirements of the scientific outlook on development. They should also exert more effort on the "three understandings and three improvements" of understanding the profound meaning of the scientific outlook on development and improving their capacity to guide the development of the countryside and communities by applying the scientific outlook on development; understanding the actual development needs of the countryside and communities and improving their work capacity to lead villagers and community residents to become rich and lead a fairly comfortable life; understanding the thoughts of villagers and community residents and improving their practical capacity to properly complete the work related to the masses. College graduate "village officials" should strive to advance scientific development, keep in close contact with the masses, maintain rural stability and promote community harmony.
Of the current 28,359 college graduate village cadres in Shanxi Province, 6,700 who are qualified have taken part in elections according to the law. 57 were elected heads of village committees, 1,210 deputy heads of village committees and 30 both village Party secretaries and heads of village committees.

By People's Daily Online
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