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16:04, February 24, 2010

14,000 outstanding Party members designated to rural areas
Recently the Provincial Committee and Provincial Government of Anhui province decided to re-designate 2,000 outstanding young Party members to hold posts in rural areas, acting as secretaries of party committees or as first secretaries for villages. This is the fourth time Anhui has designated officials to go to the grass roots since 2001.

Following the principle of enhance organization, develop economy, enrich farmers, maintain steadiness, exercise officials and boost overall progress of rural areas, during the last 9 years, the first 3 groups of officials including 12,000 young Party members from public institutions directly under provincial, municipal and county governments, institutions and enterprises under provincial government were designated to hold posts or replace predecessors in rural areas. Shen Hao, the first secretary of Xiaogang Village in Fengyang County was one of them.

On an early morning in January, Tian Maoheng, a designated official who was to leave in days, was still working in the field. He said that the strawberries will enter the market soon, and the market should be researched in advance; the books in Farmer Bookstore have just been placed on shelves, and the projection needs to be equipped too, I have no time to take a break these days.

Early this year, the term of the third group of the designated officials in Anhui including Tian Maoheng expired, and these officials will return to their former units soon. But Tian Moaheng is gratified since the next group of officials designated will come and continue to work in the grass roots.

People describe the changes brought by these designated officials: New secretaries come from cities and bring new changes to rural areas.

Tian Maoheng described the three years as a bridge connecting the designating unit to the village he had been working in.

In 2006, he was designated by the office of People's Congress of Changfeng County to act as the first secretary of Zhouxu Village. Supported by the People's Congress of the county and other authorities, Tian Maoheng successfully strived for financial funds worth over 1.1 million yuan. With these funds, an 83-kilometer cement road was constructed so as to solve the traffic problems for the 8 villager teams; Chenzhuang Dam was constructed, and the village-level irrigation station was reformed so as to thoroughly solve the difficulty of water supply for 2635 mu lands of the village and two neighboring villages.

People describe the changes brought by these designated officials: New secretaries come from cities and bring new changes to rural areas.

During the last 9 years, the designated officials successfully strived for over 3.19 billion yuan of funds from government projects, designating units and carried out 19 thousand projects for economic development. They also cooperated to develop a collective economy; they investigated the market and drove industrial structure adjustment; they made strict regulations and consolidated the party organizations in grass roots; they developed cultural undertakings and boosted the construction of harmonious rural areas.

"Designation works make great contributions to today's development and steadiness of the rural areas of our province!" an official of rural organization section of Organization Department of Provincial Committee of Anhui told the reporter.

When Xu Yi, an official in Organization Department of Municipal Committee of Hefei, was designated to act as the first secretary of Sanshitou Village of Changfeng County, he knew nothing of this strange place. During the whole 3 months he had been investigating in village, living and eating with farmers. Based on the situation of the village he worked with, he finished a new rural area construction and development plan.

Xu Yi is not the only case. Some young officials entered into schools after leaving home, and entered into the units after leaving schools. They have a rare chance to learn about the grass roots, while the official designation system brings a chance for them to go to the grass roots.

During the interview, designated officials told reporters their feelings: In the past, we made plans on paper in offices. But now since we have this experience, we will think about the problems based on our experiences and from a different perspective when we draft a document. That is, can such an implementation method work in grass roots?

According to sources, before holding posts in villages, among the first group of 3,000 officials, 36 were department-level, 289 were vice department-level and 2,675 were below department-level. However, today, over 2,700 of them have been promoted and have become leaders or hold other positions, among them, 13 have entered into county-level party and political leader teams, 563 have been appointed as leaders of public institutions in the cities or directly under the central government, 598 have been appointed as secretaries and other positions in leader teams of township party committees and governors of townships, 12 were selected and entered public institutions directly under the provincial government and 3 were selected as vice directors or equivalent positions.

Considering the actual difficulties of the officials, the selection and designation works were adjusted: the provincial financial departments increased fund support and the term was shortened to 2 years.

Designated officials said that the first transformation was to go to rural areas from public institutions, go to the office to the field; the second transformation was to return to public institutions from rural areas, return to former position after three years.

During the transformation and re-transformation, coping with relationships of all aspects and how to solve various conflicts are the examination questions facing every designated official.

"The jobs and positions will be kept. But when they come back after three years, can they use the knowledge from rural areas in practice? Can they adapt back into their former jobs quickly? These are real questions." Wang Chuan, vice director of rural organization section of Organization Department of Hefei spelled out the concerns of all officials involved.

Out of consideration for these problems, the Provincial Committee of Anhui made some adjustments when designing the fourth group of officials: the financial departments of the province increased funds for supporting the designated officials and the term of designation of the officials was shortened. Considering that the designated officials would leave home for a long period and face actual difficulties, the 3-year term was shortened to 2 years.

The principals of rural organization section of Organization Department of Provincial Committee of Anhui believed that in order to carry out the designation works, officials must be selected properly so as to ensure the quality of the officials designated on the one hand, while on the other hand, the designating units must care for the designated officials in life, work and other aspects.

By People's Daily Online
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