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08:48, March 11, 2010

Let grass-roots deputies make more speeches
At this year's National People's Congress, the grass-roots deputies' words received more attention. The deputies come from the grassroots and they have direct and close connections with people's daily life; the hot, difficult problems they put forward are always the objectives of the governments work.

The grass-roots deputies know what people are thinking, worrying and complaining about. At the National People's Congress, their voices are indispensable.

The words of grass-roots deputies may be simple and unadorned, and the issues they reflected may be small and subtle, but that is the public feeling, public opinion and the people's livelihood. It is more realistic and more practically significant.

During the meeting, listening to the speeches of the grass-roots deputies helps the leaders grasp the true information, enhance the work pertinence and effectiveness; conducive to the promotion of scientific decision-making, and forming the guidelines and policies which can withstand the test of both history and practice.

Chinese President Hu Jintao has encouraged grass-roots deputies "do not read the manuscript, just say what you want to say". This year, when Premier Wen Jiabao solicits opinions for the government work report, he invited the grass-roots deputies into the Zhongnanhai where the central leaders work. The leading cadres at all levels who regard the people's interests as their duties all seriously listen to the opinions from the grassroots, listen to the voice of the masses, pay attention to their demands, and made the decisions in line with public opinion favoring the people's livelihood.

Let the voices of the grassroots deputies grow, let voices of the masses become louder, absorbing more real, objective and diversified public opinion, that is the meaning of people's congress system, and also the atmosphere that the National People's Congress should have. The grassroots deputies do not need to rigidly adhere to their identity and position. As long as the suggestions favor the people, they can present them at the meeting.

By People's Daily Online
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