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14:44, April 27, 2010

Reading is most effective self-education method for cadres
When the World Reading Day was approaching, People's Daily Online and People's Daily's Politics Edition jointly conducted a survey on the reading habit and education background of cadres and leaders. 5,000 participants responded to the survey by April 22 and over 66 percent believed that reading is the most effective self-education method for cadres.

The reading issue has always been an issue that attracts much attention, and this survey on the reading situation of cadres and leaders attracted even more participants. When asked, "Which method is most effective for cadres and leaders to learn?" over 66 percent chose "reading and self-education to accumulate knowledge," while only 15 and 19 percent chose "systematic training from organizations" and "further education in schools," respectively. Reading should become a part of China's national spirit and core values.

When asked, "What are the biggest obstacles to reading for cadres and leaders?" the dominant responses were "too much social activities" and "poor cultivation," which accounted for 46 and 41 percent, respectively, while only 13 percent chose "too busy to read." A netizen named "Hao Dong" said that he was once a grassroots cadre and felt that most grassroots cadres were busy in daily affairs and social activities and did not have time to read at all. Another netizen named "Mi Su" said that cadres and leaders must read and learn regardless of the excuses.

When asked, "What do you think of the compelling regulations on the reading of cadres and leaders?" responses were equally divided among "They are necessary and the implementation should be guaranteed," "They are unnecessary because they are generally unpractical" and "They should be carried out according to actual conditions," which accounted for 40 percent, 31 percent and 29 percent, respectively. A netizen named "Wind" said the compelling regulations should be implemented because there are no better choices, but in the long run, reading should become a lifestyle and even a necessity of life.

By People's Daily Online
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