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14:27, May 07, 2010

Respect in workplace about more than wages
When talking about dignity at work, many people focus on a raise in pay. But in fact, when the International Labor Organization proposed the concept of dignity at work at the 87th session of the conference in 1999, it included not only adequate income but also the protection of workers’ rights, full social security and enough positions.

There is a spiritual and psychological component in this concept. Therefore, in order for workers to experience full dignity in the workplace, decent pay is required but also respect and attention to psychological well-being.
Now, when people talk about development and success, they emphasize income more than anything. If their income is high, they are successful, otherwise they are not.
Low income affects the staff’s enthusiasm for their work and insufficient spiritual support and low intrinsic happiness can suppress people’s motivation. The damage to labor caused by deficient spiritual and emotional support is equal to that caused by low incomes.

For example, some enterprises advocate a “mattress culture,” which means the office is a bedroom. If the workers get tired, they can have a rest and work after they wake. These enterprises have very good salaries but some of their staff may be working themselves to death.

Some transnational enterprises treat their staff well, but their management methods are too crude. Some managers have inflated egos and refuse to heed other people’s advice. They think they are doing their employees a favor by giving them jobs, and if the staff members don’t want the jobs, they can leave.

In these units and companies, the legal rights of the staff have been undermined but the staff has no way to complain. As a result, the staff’s dissatisfaction grows and their loyalty wanes.

Let workers fully realize that dignity in work requires spiritual and psychological support. Under many situations, the staff is short of money and spiritual identity, so psychological support is very important.

For instance, the manager can deliver warm blessing when a staff member is having a birthday. When the staff member faces family difficulties, the enterprise can lend a hand to help. Also when a staff member’s salary can not be raised because the enterprise is not booming, managers can earnestly explain it and communicate with the staff warmly.

Usually, the majority of staff members will be touched by these behaviors, understand the enterprise's difficulty and be willing to share the hardships with the enterprises.

Over time, many successful international enterprises are starting to attach great importance to the emotional and psychological well-being of staff. Therefore, managers of domestic enterprises must also set up such a concept, which brings psychological support and mental to the concept of decent work, so as to let the worker obtain more material and mental fortune. Only by this can our society be harmonious.

By People's Daily Online
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