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16:58, May 21, 2010

Public selection of cadres aims to enhance governance capability
Over recent years, China's organization and personnel departments have strived for reforms and have continued to explore new ways and methods of selecting Party and governmental cadres. They have established systems of cadre appointment, recruitment and selection, of nomination, voting and fix-term employment, and of competitive employment, public nomination and public selection. Of them, the public selection of cadres has a relatively wider influence in the current management system reforms.

However, the public-selection system also encounters some realistic problems. It should seriously consider related problems seen during the cadre-selection practice and adhere to the following principles:

First, political innovations should be standardized and orderly.

For the public selection of cadres, the posts, selection standards, procedures and methods should be open in order to ensure the fairness of the selection. It is essential to improve the openness and enhance the credibility of the public-selection system.

Second, information disclosure should come with follow-up activities.

During public selection of cadres in many regions, certain departments just publish employment information through Web sites, TV stations or newspapers, but fail to perform follow-up activities to promote the recruitment.

Third, democratic participation should be consistent with scientific design.

The design of the selection system should be scientific in order to ensure that the selection system is specific, the evaluation procedure is objective and the source of evaluators is diverse, and to achieve a balance between democracy and science during the public selection process.

Fourth, impartialness should be consistent with political security.

During the public-selection practice, cadres should be selected through an open, transparent and competitive process. Both organizers and participants should not only comply with specific rules and but also accept the final results.

However, the ultimate goal for cadre selection is to improve governance capability and administrative efficiency and to ensure the fulfillment of Party and national goals. Therefore, it is essential to ensure political security during China's pursuit of fairness in the public-selection process, which is the prerequisite for us to strive for the fairness, openness, democracy and efficiency in the public-selection system.

By People's Daily Online
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