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17:01, June 07, 2010

Leading cadres should lead by example
A newly-appointed mayor recently stressed during a plenary meeting of the municipal government he presides over that in 2010, the municipal government will not hastily put forward new development ideas or be interested in creating new slogans, but rather focus their attention on "implementation."

During economic and social development, putting forward new ideas, formulating plans and calling upon the public can often help reach consensus and gather strength as long as such actions are taken based on actual situations, scientific analysis and are proven to be practical.

A few cadres in some regions and departments pay more attention to empty words than solid work. Concentrating on doing solid work versus simply being enthusiastic about chanting slogans reveals the differences in cadres' ideological style and work style.

The leadership of cadres cannot be enhanced through empty words but only through solid work. It is more important for cadres to acquire right methods of work than to have enthusiasm for work. Doing solid work is not only a sort of pragmatic mental state, but it is also a scientific, systematic and complicated process of development.

Facing various types of challenges and opportunities, Party members, particularly leading cadres, can only continually accomplish achievements that may stand the test of practice, the people and the history by means of seeking truth, valuing pragmatism and making actual efforts to build solid foundations and benefit the long-term livelihood of the people.

By People's Daily Online
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