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17:08, July 08, 2010

Veteran Party branch secretary uses new methods for rural development
Liu Zheng Shuang, secretary of the CPC Branch of Shangguangang Village, Guangshan County, Xinyang, Henan province

With the economic development of our village, we now face a different situation and many new problems. At present, it is very difficult for us to mobilize all the villagers to participate in a certain activity as many young people have gone out to seek jobs or do business in cities. At the same time, the Party members of our village are not so young and the Party branch is not so popular among young people.

In order to solve this problem, I always remind the Party members to set good examples for ordinary villagers. We mobilize the Party members to visit advanced villages and learn something useful from them. After coming back, all the Party members need to analyze the current situation of our village and then commit themselves to some work. In addition, we frequently send SMS messages to those Party members who have left their homes, informing them about the village situation and receiving their feedback.

Our village is in dire need of talent who are good at ideological education, project planning and enterprise management. However, no such talent is willing to come to our village. Under this condition, as a veteran Party branch secretary of our village, I have found some new methods. So far, we chose a "three steps strategy" to attract talent. First, we will "go out."

That is to say, all the village officials must go out to learn something from other advanced villages. We also enable village officials to increase their knowledge and skills through distance education and training seminars. Second, we want to "attract talents from other regions." We will follow the market mechanism to recruit some talents who know much about enterprise management, accounting and project planning.

Leaders of our city previously appointed one university graduate to our village, but I have recruited six. Third, we have been receiving support from all walks of life. As a training base for government officials, many university teachers from Renmin University, Nanchang University of Science and Technology and the Agricultural University of Henan have come to our village to investigate and receive training, which has benefited us greatly.

By People's Daily Online
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