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15:46, August 03, 2010

Internet contributes to orderly public political participation
Su Rong, secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee

"The Internet connects the world as well as all the netizens." It connects society in all aspects and has currently become an important medium connecting the Party, government and the public. It has become an important channel to understand public opinion and an important method to collect public wisdom.

"Only residents know whether a house is leaky and only citizens know whether a policy is good." Netizens from all levels of society have the most profound experience about the development of society and have the most straightforward suggestions.

Collecting public opinions via the Internet, we will know what the most important issues are at all levels of society in a more direct and comprehensive manner. Although some suggestions may not be feasible and some may not be correct, they are all out of netizens' trust, support and encouragement for the Party and the government.

Asking citizens for political advice, needs and opinions via the Internet shows that the Party sticks to their policies of listening to public opinion under the new situation and also is a new innovation in the Party and government’s work.

Giving the Internet full attention and making the most of its role is a brand new method for government Party committees at all levels to go deep among the masses as well as to promote democracy and development.

Studying the Internet, making good use of it and acknowledging the language and manner to communicate with netizens online are indispensable qualities of modern leading cadres and is also the knowledge that they must master.

We believe that if only we can treat and guide it right, the thriving Internet can become an important platform where citizens can participate in politics in an orderly fashion and where the government can collect public wisdom. It will definitely become a constructive force to promote the progress of social civilization.

Translated by Zhao Chenyan
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