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16:47, August 10, 2010

Grassroots Party organizations shift from administration to service
The function of grassroots-level Party organizations in servicing ordinary citizens should be strengthened. The foundation of our Party is grassroots-level organizations and the Party is rooted in the ordinary citizens.

Over recent years, Jingzhou of Hubei Province has stepped up the function of grassroots-level organizations in servicing ordinary citizens from five respects, which has effectively enhanced the service capacity and reinforced the organizational foundation for the rule of the Party.

First, grassroots-level Party organizations should alter the work concept and strengthen their awareness of servicing ordinary citizens. Grassroots-level Party organizations directly face and service the public and their work performance directly affects the immediate interests of ordinary citizens as well as the Party's image among ordinary citizens.

Jingzhou has required grassroots-level Party organizations to proactively adapt to new situations and new demands and strive to change the work concept and continually strengthen the awareness of servicing ordinary citizens.

This will transform the focus of the work for grassroots-level Party organizations from administration to service and change the role provided by the organizations from an administrator to a service provider, promoting the organizations to sincerely provide ordinary citizens with practical services.

Second, grassroots-level Party organizations should improve the capabilities of personnel at grassroots-level Party organizations to service ordinary citizens. If grassroots-level Party organizations seek to better service ordinary citizens, they must develop a high-quality Party member team and leading cadre team.

Jingzhou has strived to appoint able, self-disciplined Party members and cadres trusted by ordinary citizens into the management of grassroots-level Party organizations so they can take the lead in developing and advancing social harmony and servicing ordinary citizens.

Third, grassroots-level Party organizations should develop the collective economy to increase their financial capacity to service ordinary citizens. Developing and expanding collective economy, particularly rural collective economy is not only the key task of grassroots-level Party organizations but also the foundation to boost their service capacity.

Fourth, grassroots-level Party organizations should improve the infrastructure and establish service platforms. The first step is to strive to push for the construction of buildings in which grassroots-level Party organizations can work and conduct activities, ensuring enough room for Party members and ordinary citizens to conduct activities in each village and community. The second is to establish service centers for Party members and ordinary citizens in rural areas and residential communities. The third is to streamline work procedures and improve service efficiency.

Fifth, grassroots-level Party organizations should expand the channels of public services. They must scientifically design and carefully organize a variety of activities in order to enable Party members to service ordinary citizens in their daily work and make ordinary citizens aware that Party organizations are always on their side. For instance, various grassroots-level Party organizations should universally conduct activities to promote the relationship between ordinary citizens and Party members as well as cadres and create an atmosphere in which cadres are always available to help ordinary citizens to deal with difficulties.

By People's Daily Online
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