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Communist Party of China >> Party Work
UPDATED:23.10.2007 14:39

Party Work
• CPC pledges to focus on Party building for advancement of ruling capacity
• CPC to enhance exchanges, cooperation with Vanuatu parties
• CPC official calls for more exchanges with Communist Party of Vietnam
• CPC official calls for more exchanges between Sino-Italian parties
• CPC: more influence through diplomacy
• Chinese Vice President reiterates commitment to multi-party cooperation
• CPC official on promoting inter-party relations with France
• CPC ready to step up cooperation with Kazak parties
• CPC to strengthen work of political advisory body
• CPC to improve multi-party co-op system
• CPC achieves remarkable results in party diplomacy: senior official
• CPC helps tackle thorny international issues, says senior official
• Training program for county-level officials a "success"
• CPC to step up China-New Zealand party relations, senior official
• CPC hopes to enhance party ties with Slovenia
• Senior CPC leader pinpoints enhanced party discipline
• CPC congratulates CPV on opening of 10th National Congress
• Senior CPC official vows to enhance party relations with Germany
• Chinese Communist Party starts review of accident investigations
• Senior CPC official calls for increasing exchanges with Indian political parties
• Senior CPC official pledges better China-Mongolia relations
• Scientists urged to learn from Wang Xuan
• CPC pledges to promote China-Sudan party relations
• CPC Leader Calls on Publicity Officials to Improve Work
• Chinese President Calls for Competent Officials
• Zeng Urges Party Cadres to Seek Truth from Facts
• CPC Official on Publicity Work
• CPC General Secretary Stresses Importance of Study
• High-ranking CPC Official on Party Building
• CPC General Secretary on Party Building
• Zeng Qinghong Calls for Efforts to Achieve CPC Goals
• Li Changchun Urges Study of CPC Congress Essence
• CPC Congress Guidelines Conveyed Nationwide by Local Party Committees
• China Owes 13-year Success to Pathbreaking CPC Central Leadership
• Majority of CPC Officials Well Educated
• CPC Increases Contacts with Foreign Parties: Official
• Hu Jintao Calls for Boost in Party Building
• Severely Punishing Corruption in Use of Personnel: Commentary
• Backgrounder: Multi-Party Cooperation & Political Consultation System
Top Leadership  

Hu Jintao

Wu Bangguo

Wen Jiabao

Jia Qinglin

Li Changchun

Xi Jinping

Li Keqiang

He Guoqiang

Zhou Yongkang
Mao's 110th Anniversary  
• Mao's Life
• Comments and Historical Resolution
• Mao and the CPC's International Relations
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