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16:23, October 22, 2009

Together to create lofty cause of history
People's Daily, an important and most influential newspaper in China, on Thursday, October 22, calls for advancing toward the new brilliance from a new, historical height in a front-paged commentator's article. Its excerpts are run as follows:

People of this generation should stand higher and proceed from a much higher starting point than our predecessors as they are now living in China in the 21st century.

On the eve of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, which was launched by Japanese to annex Korea and intrude into China, Liang Qichao, a prestigious Chinese reform-minded journalist then and one of the ace literary figures of the early 20th century, could hardly get a "map of the world" in streets despite being busy running errands for it across Beijing for days.

After defeating Japanese intruders during World War II, China nevertheless could do nothing but accept the Far Eastern arrangements made in accordance with the Yalta Agreement inked by the leaders of the Three Great Powers, namely, the former Soviet Russia, the United States of American and Britain, in February 1945.

Chinese scientists had to use the slide rule and abacuses for an ocean of calculations in the course of designing and making "two bombs (A-bomb and H-bomb) and one satellite"… Looking over all the development and progress China had made, this page was turned over into history thanks to the trying efforts of our predecessors.

People around China ultimately succeeded in winning their liberation after over a century of protracted and hard struggles and in making their nation mighty and prosperous after six full decades of their exertions. Today, a socialist China geared to modernization, to the world and to the future has stood rock-firm in the east of the world.

Proceeding from the new starting point, the people of our generation in China are undertaking the same great, glorious task of history and undergoing the same ordeal as did our predecessors.

The great development, transformation and readjustment of the contemporary world have wrought great, new changes to the current global economic setup and affected new trends in the comparison of strength of international forces. As a matter of fact, the three-decade reform and opening-up have spurred China to a vital, protruding period of strategic opportunities and contradictions for its further expansion or development, but it is currently faced with a range of periodic hallmarks in the course of development as well as a variety of new situations and new problems.

New China's development and progress over the past six decades have given an eloquent proof that only socialism could save China and that only the reform and opening-up can ensure the development of China, socialism and Marxism.

The cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics is a great pioneering undertaking never before in history, as shown by the remarkable progress New China has scored in the past six decades, and the cause of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics remain a prolonged, arduous historical task, acknowledges the commentator's article.

So, we should adhere to emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, keeping pace with the times and making innovation in a pioneering spirit; we should also press ahead with innovation of the economic system, the political system and the cultural system and, among others, to work continuously for Sinification of Marxism. This is where lies the vital spiritual motive force and ideological guarantee to overcome all obstacles, difficulties and challenges.

China will irreversibly take the road to modernization. It will be a high-level, moderately affluent society that could benefit a population of more than one billion around the nation at the time of the 100th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China, or CPC (2021) and bring about in the main modernization upon its 100the birthday of New China (2049). By then, the nation would be a prosperous, democratic, civilized and modern socialist country. And the great objective will be thus turned into reality through great efforts of this generation.

New China's arduous explorations and handsome accumulations over the last 60 years or so have laid a solid foundation for attaining this great objective. The Chinese people, however, should be fully aware that it is still very difficult to raise their independent innovation capacity, to go on liberating and developing the productivity, to retool or readjust the economic structure, to shift the economic growth mode, to narrow the urban-rural and inter-region gap and to spur an overall, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development.

"China should make a great contribution to humankind." All sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, united as one and armed with the outlook on scientific development, have both the courage and wisdom to fight the elements and remake the nature. Furthermore, the Chinese people, once taking destiny into their own hands, are sure to surmount all hurdles or obstacles and constantly work wonders, so as to contribute even more to humankind.

By People's Daily Online
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