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The Selected Works of Jiang Zemin, former Chinese President and General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), will be distributed to the country's bookstores on Thursday. The three volumes comprise 203 of Jiang's reports, speeches, articles, letters, inscriptions and decrees from August 1980 to September 2004.
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CPC's new headway with its Party building concept

     Since its 16th National Congress held in 2002, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has set forth a series of major strategic ideas, which are generalized as "new headway in 11 spheres".
China's Party paper tells local governments to restrain from force when dealing with protests

     The Study Times, a Communist Party of China (CPC) newspaper has urged governments at all levels to restrain from using force to control protests.

Theory & Opinion
• Commentary: false popular will, real selfishness
• CPC is confronted with challenges in its ability to rule: expert
• Intensifying Government Responsibility for Promoting Employment: Commentary
• Building a Service-oriented Government: Commentary
• Adhering to Fundamental Guideline, Creating New Glory: Commentary
• Hu urges ideological workers to meet demands of times
• "Three strategies" to tackle "three challenges"
• Clearly understand the importance, enhance sense of urgency: Commentary
• "Three represents": guiding ideology requires long-term adherence to
• Important program for enhancing the governance capability of the Party: Editorial
• Editorial: Basic political system to guarantee people as masters
• Important measure to deepen personnel system reform: Editorial
• CPC stresses importance, urgency to enhance governance capability
• CPC summarizes ruling experience
• CPC vows to uphold Marxism as guiding ideology
• PD editorial calls for keeping advanced nature of Party members
• Put into effect scientific viewpoint of development in an all-round way
• A foreign "Eighth Route Army" soldier
• Senior Chinese leader calls for enhanced research on Marxism
• CPC general secretary calls for sound style in Party-building theory study
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