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News reports of CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin
UPDATED:30.01.2012 09:20
Jia Qinglin -- Politburo Standing Committee member of CPC Central Committee

    Jia Qinglin, male, ethnic Han, native of Botou, Hebei Province, born in March 1940. Joined 
the Communist Party of China (CPC) in December 1959 and began working in October 1962. 
Graduated from the Department of Electric Power of Hebei Engineering College, majoring in 
electric motor and appliance design and manufacturing, with a university education. Senior engineer. 

Foreign Tours
• Top Chinese political advisor delivers speech at 18th AU summit
• Top Chinese political advisor: China to promote friendly cooperation with Sudan
• Top Chinese political advisor meets AU, AUC chiefs on friendly ties
• China's top political advisor attends inauguration ceremony of new AU headquarters
• Top Chinese political advisor: China to deepen friendship, multi- sector exchanges with Ethiopia
Domestic Activities
• Senior leader urges religious believers to promote harmony, development
• Senior Chinese leader stresses stability in Tibet
• Top political advisor stresses development of service industry in Beijing
• China's top political advisor visits exhibition of Xinjiang's ancient books
Important Speeches
• Highlights of Jia Qinglin's work report of China's top political advisory body
• Top political advisor vows to push forward democratic oversight, contribute to China's economic development
• Political advisors urged to contribute to formulating China's development plan
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