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13:24, August 10, 2006

President Jiang on principles of building new world order
Chinese President Jiang Zemin Tuesday called on African countries to work together with China to build an equitable and just new international political and economic order that should reflect some new principles responsive to the spirit of the times.

Jiang made the remarks in a speech at the opening ceremony of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum -- Ministerial Conference Beijing 2000, which began here Tuesday. Officials from more than 40 African countries, including presidents of a few countries and the leader of the Organization of African Unity (OAU),and China participated in the forum, the first of its kind in the history of China-Africa relations.

As mankind is about to usher in a new century, Jiang said, "It has been the demand of the times and call of the people all over the world to establish an equitable and just new international political and economic order. Let us work together with wisdom and courage to build such a new order and advance the lofty cause of peace and development for mankind."

The Chinese president said the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, the principles and spirit enshrined in the OAU Charter and other universally recognized norms governing international relations should form the political basis for the new international order.

Furthermore, it is imperative to establish some new principles responsive to the spirit of the times and to the changes and developments in the world provided that people of all nations can reach consensus, Jiang said.

In the new international order, the right of all countries to sovereign equality and to freedom from outside interference in their internal affairs must be ensured to them, Jiang stressed.

All countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, should respect each other's sovereignty and independence. This is of paramount importance to world peace, he said.

They should have the right to choose their own development path and model in light of their national conditions. No country should be allowed to impose its own social system or ideology on others, nor should it be allowed to make irresponsible remarks on other countries' internal affairs, he said.

In addition, peace-keeping operations must be based on the basic principles of getting prior consent from the parties concerned, neutrality, no use of force except for self-defense and obtaining authorization from the UN Security Council. Such operations must aim at maintaining peace and should not be used as a means to pursue selfish ends, Jiang said.

In the new international order, Jiang said, all countries should be ensured their right to participate in international affairs on an equal footing. People of all countries are the main players behind world development and they should participate in the management of the world.

It is imperative to promote democracy in international relations, address international issues through consultation and meet the challenges facing mankind together.

He said the movement towards political multi-polarity of the world will be conducive to the democratization of international relations. The positive role of the United Nations should be strengthened, so should the status and role of the developing countries and international and regional organizations composed of such countries.

Jiang said in the new international order, the right of all countries to development based on equality, especially that of developing countries, should be ensured. To help developing countries to boost their economy is vital to a lasting peace and common development of the world.

The Chinese president said developed countries should effectively reduce or exempt the debts owed by developing countries, help them to enhance their capabilities for self-development and vigorously develop their human resources with a view to gradually narrowing the gap between the North and South in economy, science and technology and other fields.

He said developed countries should not do nothing but seek natural resources, market and profit from developing countries. The international community should take more aggressive and effective measures to reform the international economic, trade and financial systems so as to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries.

In addition, Jiang said in the new international order, all ethnic groups and civilizations should be ensured their right to common development.

"Only when the diversity of the world is respected can various ethnic groups and civilizations live in harmony, learn from each other and complement each other," Jiang said. "All ethnic groups and civilizations should respect each other, treat each other as equals and pursue common progress and improvement in the spirit of seeking common ground while putting aside differences."

The differences should serve to encourage them to seek common development, he added. "Only by so doing will various civilizations in the world blossom with radiant splendor."

He stressed that it will take an incremental process for an equitable and just new international political and economic order to take shape, but so long as the international community, China and Africa included, work together, such a new order responsive fully to the demands and wishes of all peoples in the world will surely be established.
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