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Communist Party of China >> CPC's resolute fight against corruption
Photo taken on July 28, 2007 shows Chinese President Hu Jintao (front, center) chats with an elder woman in a residential community of Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Procince,during his inspection tour in the province.
UPDATED:23.10.2007 14:39
Party officials found violating rules in Shanghai

     Six Chinese Communist Party officials in Shanghai were found using their positions to make illegal profits after they surrendered during the Party's latest month-long grace period, Party discipline watchdog officials announced today.
Party graft busters uncover 900 cases

     High-level Party inspection teams have proved effective in busting corruption, the country's disciplinary watchdog said yesterday.

Fight Against Corruption
• Party graft busters uncover 900 cases
• Official: Communist Party inspectors play key role in fighting corruption
• Former Shanghai party chief jailed, waiting for trial
• China's disciplinary watchdog counts lessons drawn from Chen Liangyu's case
• President Hu warns local officials to keep cleanhanded
• Former Shanghai party chief expelled from Party, government
• Amended law to target corrupt officials at large
• CPC expels Beijing official in corruption probe
• Top auditor calls for laws to bring embezzlers to account
• School administrators given corruption lesson in court
• Wu Guanzheng underlines prevention of corruption
• Ex-drug chief's execution justified, but capital punishment should be limited
• Chinese gov't departments urged to improve handling of taxpayers' money
• Former head of China's drug watchdog executed
• Anti-corruption fight
• China closes law loopholes to better combat official corruption
• Corrupt transport official goes on trial
• Anti-corruption war should "keep pace with the times"
• Bogus CPC official appeals prison sentence
• China slashes red tape to help businesses, reduce corruption
• China steps up fight against corrupt, negligent officials
• Shanghai courts begin to hear cases connected to social security fund scandal
• Shanghai cracks nearly 1,500 commercial bribery cases in 16 months
• China's central authorities sees its own elected as local discipline watchdogs
• Former head of drug watchdog sentenced to death
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